Chat GPT showcases the magic of AI

“Magic” and technology have always been intertwined, with the latter often resembling the former in its advanced form, as famously noted by Arthur C Clarke:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.


Enter ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that has taken the world by storm and captured the public’s imagination. Owned by the OpenAI, ChatGPT is free and a simple to use. It certainly feels a little bit magic. Whether you need it to write highly specific or simple like…

  • baking instructions for a cake.
  • write a heartfelt love song.
  • debugging this programming code.
  • write me a weekly meal plan based on the items in your fridge.
  • write my year 10 history assignment.

… ChatGPT has got you covered.


The early 2000s saw the rise of the internet and its impact on our daily lives, with fortunes made and lost on .com companies, only to be regained by tech titans such as Google, Apple, and Amazon.


Fast forward to today and AI is on the cusp of revolutionizing our world yet again. Microsoft, for one, thinks so, having invested a whopping $10 billion in ChatGPT alone.


I asked ChatGPT to write a blog about the benefits of using a financial planner. The output was adequate, hitting all the key points, but lacking that extra pizzazz.  So, I challenged ChatGPT to rewrite the article in Shakespearean verse and within 10 seconds, it conjured up this gem:


Financial planners, O most learned ones in the art of wealth management,

doth aid their clients in the navigation of the often tumultuous seas of financial affairs.

With keen insight and expert knowledge, they chart a course towards monetary success,

guiding their clients in the wise allocation of their resources.

From the creation of budgets, that doth ensure the prudent use of coin,

to the selection of investments, that doth promise fruitful returns,

they assist in the creation of a strong and stable financial foundation.

In the realm of retirement, they doth counsel their clients on the best course of action,

so that they may enjoy the fruits of their labour in their golden years.

And when the winds of unforeseen financial troubles doth blow,

they doth provide a steady hand, ensuring that the ship of their client’s finances remain firmly on course.


Director | Certified Financial Planner ® | B.Ec, Grad Dip FP

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