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Momir Vuksa

SMSF Specialist Advisor™/ SSA®| BCom | BAppFin | Authorised Representative No. 1306168

A bit about me professionally

I firmly believe that financial planning extends beyond numbers and recognize that people’s narratives are completely unique, and each journey requires its own map. The advice we provide is unique to each client and is never set in stone, we embark on a journey together and navigate the intricate interplay between ambitions and dollars.

Always having had an interest in finance the completion of degrees in Commerce (Accounting) and Applied Finance was a natural progression. That was the start of a decade long journey to become a Financial Adviser. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work in different capacities within the industry. From admin roles to building the expertise of teams and years in a specialist technical role devising complex advice strategies, my journey to Goldsborough was very much from the ground up. As a Financial Adviser, the ultimate reward is the empowerment of clients to confidently make decisions in navigating everchanging personal and financial lives.    

I am committed to understanding each of your individual intricacies and advising you on how to achieve your personal and financial objectives. I’m dedicated to demystifying finance and am driven by the belief that everyone deserves a roadmap to financial freedom and a sense of independence, to retirement and beyond.


A bit about me personally

When I’m away from work you will find me soaking up moments with family and close friends, they are my everyday heroes. Outside of spreadsheets and investment portfolios, I’m no stranger to the real football (or soccer, for my non-football friends), where I showcase my dazzling moves—both on and off the field. Going to new places and making new friends is what excites me. I enjoy seeing and experiencing new places, so I take every opportunity to travel with my wife when time avails itself.

When I’m not scoring goals or celebrating victories, I’m diving into the world of Formula 1. It’s my go-to remedy for healing the battle scars from those intense weekend matches. Life’s a game, whether it’s on the pitch, on the track or navigating the path to financial freedom.

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