Lachlan Harvey

Director | Certified Financial Planner ® | B.Ec, Grad Dip FP

A bit about me professionally…

I’ve been a financial adviser for over 20 years. Most often, I work with people planning their retirement – but we all have things in our lives we’re planning for.

If you think your situation might be a bit different or complicated, then I might be the financial adviser for you.

The number one thing I love about my job is having really meaningful conversations with people. Financial planning is rarely about number crunching and more about understanding people, their relationships, what motivates them, what inspires them, and their aspirations for the future. It’s an enormous privilege to have my clients share their stories with me, and I have the opportunity to make a positive contribution in someone’s life.

In my time as financial adviser, I’ve learned the importance of being good listener, asking more questions, and writing things down.

A bit about me personally…

My greatest joy in life is seeing my two children grow up to be wonderfully independent and conscientious people.

I also love chocolate, dogs, and dad jokes.

Dislikes: Vegemite.

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