Strategic Advice

At the core of all financial planning are the strategic decisions we all face regularly during our lives.  Decisions such as buying a new home, starting a business, when we can retire and when to pay down or to take up debt.  No matter how well we all plan life throws us curve balls from time to time that cause us to have to reassess our strategies.

We help you make these big decisions bringing our experience and knowledge to discuss the pros and cons, showing you the differences between acting now or later and how to best structure your finances.  It keeps you accountable and limits the stresses.

Scenario modelling and projections are tools which our advisers use to help developing strategic plans.  Some clients prefer the intricate details of tables and graphical representations of the potential future, others love flow charts or a simple explanation mapped out on a white board.

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Latest insights

I recently read an article in the FPA’s Money and Life Magazine that offered 7 ways to change your money mindset and behaviour for the better and how to feel richer for it and thought I would share them with you:
Australian house prices have declined for the second month in a row in June - and the pace of losses is accelerating sharply. According to CoreLogic's market-leading index, house prices across the five largest cities fell by more than 0.8% (on average) in June following on from a 0.4% loss in May.
For all Age Pensioners and Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card holders (and other Concession beneficiaries) in SA, now is the time to apply for your Cost of Living Concession if you haven’t already… This year’s Cost of Living Concession is a one off payment of at least $224.60 and Age Pensioners can get up to $449. The application process is pretty simple by entering some basic details online (or via the paper form) but you do need to apply before December 31, 2022 to receive the payment.