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Business owners preparing for a transition

Your hard work has paved the way to financial freedom

Selling your business is a big step with a myriad of financial considerations.

Where do we invest?
What are the tax impacts?
Can we sustain our lifestyle?

We’ll help you strategically plan for this significant transition and help you make the right financial moves that minimise your tax, optimise your income and safeguard your wealth.

The freedom of security

Feel financially secure to enjoy a comfortable life where you can do what you want, when you want.

A second set of eyes

We keep an eye on what needs to be done, always looking out for your best interests, providing clear answers to your questions.

A smooth transition

Seamlessly transition from being a business owner to your version of retirement, with a clear timeline and the necessary financial structures in place.

We'll uncover your financial blind spots and show you what's possible

Figure out your future

What does life look like after running your business is behind you? We'll match your money moves with your vision for the future.

Organise your financial life

Streamline the complex aspects of your finances into a simpler, more manageable way.

Optimise your retirement income

More forward confidently with a tax-smart retirement income strategy that ensures financial security throughout your post-business years.

Structure your assets effectively

Shield yourself and your estate from legal risks and minimise taxes by wisely managing how you own and structure your assets.

Be savvy with your super

Maximise your super with a strategic approach to investment selection, structuring, and contribution strategies.

Help out your kids

Give your kids a financial leg up understanding the cash flow, tax and estate planning impacts of gifting.

Transfer wealth and wisdom

Create a lasting legacy, ensuring a tax-efficient wealth transfer to the future generations.

Give back through philanthropy

Support causes that matter most to you, optimising tax benefits and ensuring your charitable efforts make a meaningful, lasting impact.

Be prepared and excited for 'what's next'

Goldsborough financial advisers collaborate with your team of accounting and legal professionals to help you navigate the transition from business ownership to retirement.