Retirement Planning

A successful retirement is just as much about getting the lifestyle right as it is about your financial decisions. Having helped many clients over many years, we can help you explore this.

  • How will you be spending your time?
  • Do you plan to travel a lot around Australia and need a lock-and-leave home?
  • Will you be having a few short holidays close to home, so you can spend time with the grandkids?
  • Would you like to do some volunteering or casual work?
  • Are you and your partner on the same page with your retirement plans, or do you need to work through some challenges?

Discussing these types of questions is key to creating the right financial plan for you and your retirement that will:

  • Generate the income you need in the most tax effective manner
  • Provide a clear picture of how long you can expect your capital to last – and adjusting spending plans or investment strategies to make sure you don’t outlive your savings
  • Make sure any Centrelink or DVA entitlements are factored into your financial plan
  • Ensure you have access to liquid funds to cover holidays, car upgrades and other one-off purchases
  • Include the investments and product types that are most suited to your personal retirement plans

We’ll then meet regularly – usually once a year – to check things are going well. Of course, if there have been any significant changes to your situation, we can make the appropriate recommendations and adjustments.

We’re here to help make sure your financial plan suits you at every stage of your retirement.

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Latest insights

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For all Age Pensioners and Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card holders (and other Concession beneficiaries) in SA, now is the time to apply for your Cost of Living Concession if you haven’t already… This year’s Cost of Living Concession is a one off payment of at least $224.60 and Age Pensioners can get up to $449. The application process is pretty simple by entering some basic details online (or via the paper form) but you do need to apply before December 31, 2022 to receive the payment.