What is a Customer Reference Number … and How do I get one?

A Customer Reference Number (CRN) is 9 numbers and ends with a letter. It is given to you by Centrelink to identify your Centrelink record.

You need a CRN when you do any of the following:

  • Claim for Centrelink payments and services
  • Want to link Centrelink to your MyGov account
  • Record or update information you have with Centrelink

Your CRN stays the same for all payments and services from Centrelink, and is never deleted by Centrelink, even if you stop receiving a payment from them. Most people will have a CRN if they have either:

  • Proven their identity with Centrelink in the past
  • Ever received a payment or service from Centrelink

If you have a concession card or have letters received from Centrelink, you will find your CRN there. If you think you have a CRN but cannot find it (or you’re not sure if you have one), you’ll need to prove your identity with Centrelink

You need a CRN if you want to claim payments or services from Centrelink. The easiest and quickest way to get a CRN (or find out if you have one) is via MyGov (you will need a MyGov account). Then, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into MyGov
  2. Select View or Link Services then select Centrelink
  3. Select I don’t have or don’t know my CRN, followed by Continue
  4. Select I want to prove my identity through MyGov, followed by Continue
  5. Follow the prompts to enter your identity details to prove who you are
  6. Enter details from your Medicare card
  7. Enter some personal details (these will be cross-checked to see if you already have a CRN). You will be given a CRN if one isn’t found


Once you have your CRN, then you’ll be able to create a Centrelink online account linked via MyGov and make a claim for a payment.

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