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As a business owner, it is crucial to consider the financial implications for your business beyond your lifetime. Understanding what happens to your business when you pass away is essential for effective financial planning before and during operation to ensure a smooth transition. There are several ways our clients run their businesses, and each structure has a different outcome for estate planning.
Join us as we celebrate 30 years on radio with FiveAA Thursday 29th March at 3pm. Our advisers now join the fabulous Jade Robran every second Thursday at 3pm to shine a spotlight on financial planning topics and answer your questions. We are now being live-streamed via Facebook and Twitter. Follow the link on the FiveAA homepage.
Financial Planning Week is an opportunity each year for the community to understand a little more about what a professional financial planner does, and what benefits they can provide. Here at Goldsborough, we have a 30-year history of providing quality advice, service and support to many thousands of clients over that journey. Many have been clients for well over 10 years for some of the reasons that recent research(1) conducted by the Financial Planning Association confirmed.
Lots of people will lose their job at one point in their lives. Regardless of whether a redundancy comes as a complete shock or with sufficient warning, it is often a very confronting and emotional process. It can be difficult to think about a potential redundancy and to plan for the unexpected, but there are some steps you should take while you are in secure employment to be as best prepared as possible.
Recently I was interviewed by a friend’s 17-year-old son as part of his school project. It was an interesting discussion as he tried to understand the role of a financial planning with some specific questions for younger investors. He emailed me a copy of his project and was happy for it to be shared.
My wife asked me what would she do if I died “tomorrow”. To be clear, it was hypothetical but after the usual wise cracks of whether she was planning my demise, I responded that we had some clear estate planning, life insurances in place and assured her she would be essentially fine.

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