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Age Pension Application

To apply for the Age Pension when dealing with Centrelink for the first time is a matter of following the following steps;

  1. Setup a MyGov account
  2. Establish your digital identity
  3. Link MyGov to Centrelink
  4. Access Centrelink through MyGov and start your application.

The way to prove your identity online is to use an app called myGovID, this is the only digital service provider authorised by myGov.

It is my understanding you need to follow this order;

  1. First establish a “strong” identity strength through myGovID.
  2. Sign into your myGov account using the myGovID app
  3. Link myGov to Centrelink.

 If it is not done in this order and you start the linking process between myGov and Centrelink you will be required to present your identification in person in a service centre.

Here is the link explaining how to set up myGovID:

This is a reasonably easy process I did it myself recently, it is a matter of downloading an app to your phone, opening the app and following the prompts. You will need three forms of identification and then take a photo of yourself using the app to create a “strong” identity strength required for myGov.

Here is a link running through the steps enabling you to link myGov to Centrelink (including for those who do not have a CRN and have not provided identity to Centrelink previously):

Once you have established your ID and linked MyGov to Centrelink then you can start your application through “My Online Claims” on the Centrelink website. Begin the application for the eligible benefit.

Upon completion you will receive a checklist of necessary documents you will need to scan and upload. These may include bank statements, investment records, partner confirmations, additional ID proofs, and income statements.

You can then submit your application, make sure you keep your ‘Receipt number’ as confirmation and print the confirmation page.

Sam Martin
Certified Financial Planner® | Authorised Representative No. 252676

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