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In a changing industry, it’s Goldsborough vs the trend…

The changes in the Financial Services industry in recent years have completely redefined the advice process and the advisers that provide it. The latest figures* show that of the top 16 adviser licencee groups nationally, only 4 had a net positive influx of advisers in the past 2 years. Those 4 groups cumulatively attracted just 66 advisers, while the other 12 groups cumulatively lost 2,966 financial advisers.


What that means for the public is that whilst there are significantly less advisers to choose from, the advisers that remain have met the new stringent assessment criteria and importantly, those in the industry who were unable/unwilling to meet the new Code of Ethics requirements have been jettisoned.


At Goldsborough, we have our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), so we’re not licenced through a larger adviser group yet we have expanded our team from both an adviser and support perspective over the past 2 years. Ultimately, as our clients’ needs grow, so does our business and we’re very proud that we’ve been able to buck that industry trend and continue to support our clients through a very volatile global environment during that time.


The evolving changes to our advice process, the way fees are charged and the interaction between our advisers and clients have been developed to enhance our relationships with clients and ensure that integrity standards remain at the forefront of best practice.


We continue to offer prospective clients the chance to sit down with an adviser to discuss if and how we can help, plus provide the comfort that the advice process does not need to be complicated or burdensome. In fact, for anyone who thinks they might need some advice, it’s probably worth taking action now to avoid it becoming complicated or burdensome…    


Given our new reality of rising interest rates and inflation, plus market fluctuations, having a clearly defined plan supported ongoing by a Licenced adviser to navigate our dynamic world in the coming years will undoubtedly make life easier.

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*Courtesy of WealthData and

Financial Planner AFP® | B.App.Fin | Authorised Representative No. 311745

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